September 14, 2007

RSS Feeds and Atom and Feedburner

Ack! And herein is where I spent the majority of my day! I feel my age as well as my Internet ineptness in large part today. What I thought would be a relatively simple and not too time-consuming of an objective for today, took too long and consumed much too much of my patience. With the added "assistance" of my 10 mth. old and my 3yr.old, I was ready to toss my laptop out the window at least 3 times today. I have no doubt anyone else would have done what took me the better part of the day in 1/2 hour. Tops.
Oh well. I did succeed in accomplishing my goal...a heineken for me tonight! YEA

I read another great article this morning, "How to build a niche site with a blog", by Linda J. Bruton at Ezine Articles. I can't seem to get the link to work, but it is worth while to go check out this article. Lots of Great tips on marketing!! So I decided to follow the suggestion of submitting RSS feeds to directories. And first I decided to sign up with Feed Burner. So, a few hours later, lots of crying, sippy cups, diaper changes, Dora, and many other distractions later, I succeeded. I have my feeds submitted and I am already seeing improvement...I really am. So I am happy. I will go into this a bit more tomorrow with more specifics, or go read the article now and see if there are suggestions there you may want to implement.

Happy Friday!!

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