June 22, 2009

12 Ways To Make Money From Home

I thought it might be a fun thing on Mondays to put up a list of telecommuting job links and work at home resources to check out. Of course many will be sites you may have checked before, but maybe you'll come across one you haven't checked yet, or would like to take a second look at.

So here are a few work at home companies/sites/links to peruse this Monday morning --got your coffee??

Alpine Access

You are hired as an employee, not an independent contractor. They pay for your training. You coordinate with them to decide when you’ll work, then you’re on standby (from your home) for the customers of one of their many clients. Alpine Access is having a free 60 minute webinar about the work at home business model on June 24th at 11:30 MDT.

1-800 GeeksOnTime

If you are a tech savvy sort, these are two work at home sites where you can apply to be a remote IT professional. You can troubleshoot customers computer problems from home.


All sites to check out if you are interested in writing and editing from home.

VIP Desk

Hires personal concierges to work from home. You might be asked to procure dinner reservations or sporting event tickets, make travel arrangements or schedule a car rental. If you can handle these tasks, not only will you get to work from home, you’ll get medical and dental insurance, among other competitive benefits.


If you are interested in tutoring from home. You need to be a college graduate, You get paid by the hour to chat with a student, draw problems on an “interactive whiteboard” and review essays. The site caters to tutors with English, math, science or social studies expertise, and is especially in need of bilingual applicants who speak English and Spanish or English and Vietnamese.

Team Double Click

A site you can apply with to be a Virtual Assistant. You will be an Independent Contractor with Team Double-Click.

Pampered Chef
Cookie Lee
Lia Sophia

Direct Sales Companies to check out if this interests you. Remember, most direct sales companies will require an upfront investment though. Find out if there are any refunds if you choose to leave the company. Also, you will want to read carefully and fully understand how you are paid: Depending on the company, you can earn free merchandise, or a percentage of your sales, for example. But this can be a fun and lucrative way to earn money working from home--as many people do!

That is it for this Monday morning. But I will try and do this again each Monday morning with new links to check out!

Good Luck!

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