June 25, 2008

Work From Home Resource Using Your Camera

Another resource for stay at home moms (and anyone else) to earn some extra money from home is by taking pictures with a digital camera.

Take pictures, upload them for free to a stock photo site, and make money when your picture is sold. Fun, easy, and something you can do everyday!

Best of all, Stock Photography offers a passive income because each of your photos can be sold over and over and over again. Each time it’s sold you’ll receive cash!

What kind of pictures should you take? Pictures of things related to technology usually work well, such as keyboards and screens. Nature shots like sky and clouds, landscapes, recognizable landmarks, and textures are in high demand as well. And pictures of people are always good.

If you need ideas for pictures, just browse through the selections offered at stock photo sites online, and check out the most popular and most downloaded. Just try to take good quality pictures, and the largest size pictures your camera can. And remember the more you take, the better.

If you use people or other's personal property in your photos, don't forget to have them sign a release that allows you to use their likeness for commercial purposes. Most stock photo sites will have release forms you can use.

Also, different stock photo sites will probably have different copyright policies. Read them very carefully.

When uploading your photos, you will need to select a category and keywords for each. It is very very important to choose good keywords, as this is what your potential customers will be searching for to find your image. Try to list each element in your photo, even small details are important like the color of a flower.

Here are four stock photo sites that you can upload your pictures to and get paid a commission when they sell:

Big Stock Photo

I have heard that Fotolia is easy to get started with, with a fairly easy application and approval process.

An article that has very helpful information and resources is on the wesite, All Things Photography-- make sure you especially check out the section for 'amateurs and beginners' ( if you are a beginner, that is)

Happy Picture Taking! 

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