May 8, 2009

Making Money With Scarves??

Going garage sale-ing this weekend? If so, look for scarves. Yep. Scarves. Why you ask? Because of an article I read a little while ago about making money with vintage scarves. Hold onto your hats...but this article informed that eBay auction prices for Hermes scarves range from a high ending price of 1725.00 to a low of 65.00. Woa. And if you find just the right scarf at a garage sale, estate sale, someone's attic..... wherever.... and spend a few dollars, what a return that would be!

Not sure what a "winning" vintage scarf would look like? You will find 8 great tips in this article--all aimed at helping you out when you are scarf-hunting! Sounds like a plan to me. Garage sales--here I come!

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