August 17, 2010

Work at Home: Cloud 10

Cloud 10 is a virtual call center that hires work at home agents from across the United States to answer in-bound customer service calls. Custom software allows calls to be routed directly to the agent’s home computer via the internet.. Cloud 10's customers range from Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses, At home agents provide support in customer service, finance, sales, and technical expertise.

Some of the benefits for working with Cloud 10:

Home Based Agents work a set schedule weekly versus calling in daily for hours available.

Agents are paid by the hour, and not by the number of phone calls they take while working.

Agents are hired as "employees" versus an independent contractor. Payment is by direct deposit every other Friday, and taxes are automatically deducted.

Cloud 10 offers agents a paid training program.

Agents, in most cases, work 5 days per week, between 32 to 38 hours each week.

They will require a quiet home office/work environment, so if you have small children you may need to work out a solution where you can work without interruption. Also, there are technical requirements that your computer system will need to meet as well.

To learn more, listen to a typical customer service call, and get started with the application, visit the Cloud 10 website.

Good Luck!

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