June 15, 2009

Thinking of Trying Direct Selling to Make Extra Money?

Direct Selling is a definite work at home resource that many moms (and Dads) swear by when it comes to maing extra income. Although I have come across many a mom that does so well with their direct marketing businesses that the income is much more than "supplemental."

I personally have not ever had the true desire/motivation to venture into the Direct Sales approach to earning an income: I just am not the outgoing strong personality that I believe is needed for this business. Not to say I haven't considered it, and still check out opportunities from time to time. But for all the moms and dads that are considering joining a company's direct selling program, here are a some questions you should ask the company you are considering signing up with:

First, is the company a member of the Direct Selling Association? The dsa.org is an association of companies that manufacture and distribute goods sold directly to consumers.

Second, will you need to invest any money to get started? Many times companies require you to purchase a starter pack, which includes training materials and product samples. These packs will be various in prices, with some being more affordable than others. Make sure you'll be able to return unused products if you decide not to continue.

Make sure you understand what training will be offered and required upfront. Will you need to travel for training sessions? If so, will you be reimbursed for travel expenses? Will there be support online or via phone when you need it?

Also. you will want to know exactly how you will be paid. Some companies will pay commission only while others may use a commission/salary plan. And many companies may have a commission plan where you will be paid not only for your sales, but you will also earn a commission on sales made by sellers whom you recruit. These sellers, known as your "downline," will be responsibility to manage. The larger your downline, the larger your paycheck. But you need to have time for recruiting and managing your downline, as well as handling your own business.

Finally, you will want to talk with current sales representatives and ask them how much money they make, how many hours they work, and if they have any complaints. The more you know about the job, the better you'll be able to decide if it will be something you will enjoy doing, and make money with!

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