September 25, 2012

Get Paid to Pin at Pinterest With Pinbooster!

Get paid to pin at Pinterest With Pinbooster - a new platform for Pinterest users and advertisers!

How Pinbooster Works:

  • Sign-up and set your per-pin price.
  • Add tags to describe some of your world of pins and personality.
  • When you get an offer, decide whether or not you’re interested
  • Work with the advertiser on the description of the pin.
  • Pin away!
  • Get paid within 24 hours of the pin going live. 
  • Cash out once your account is at $100. 

More Details....

Pinbooster is a new platform that connects Pinterest users with advertisers who will pay users to pin specific images, driving traffic directly to their site.

They are in private beta mode currently, so you will need to register to receive an invitation to join.

Disclosure is an important part of Pinbooster, so when you pin an item for an advertiser, hashtags will automatically be inserted with your pin. This is a good thing for both you as a blogger and for the advertisers.

The amount you get paid to pin will ultimately be your decision, but you may get suggestions from Pinbooster based on your following. But even if you are new to Pinterest you can still make money because advertisers are often more inclined to work with Pinners who are building their following and are currently offering lower prices than others.

So do not let your beginner status stop you from signing up and making money while growing your follower base!

If you want to get paid to pin, head over to Pinbooster and get started!

Good Luck!

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