April 1, 2008

Work At Home Making Wisdom Cards From Your Computer

No, this is not making greeting cards,lol.

This is actually more like creating a reference page for visitors to this site. A Wisdom Card is a carefully crafted page linking to the very best information and resources on a particular health topic.

Each Wisdom Card is created by a guide, checked by an editor, and reviewed by at least one Physician Reviewer. When a visitor to the site is looking for information on a health issue, say asthma, a wisdom card will provide a brief description of the symptom/disease, and links for the visitor to find valuable information, articles, and resources relating to asthma.

So as a guide for this health site, you would be researching resources for making links on a wisdom card.

According to the site, once a new guide is familiar with the process, making a wisdom card generally will take 60-90 minutes.

They stress the importance of doing careful research in preparation for making a card, so that visitors will be getting the best and most updated information on a particular health issue as possible.

Here is the pay scale:
* FIRST FIVE CARDS: $10 each
* CARDS 6-10: $11 each
* CARDS 11-15: $12 each
* CARDS 16-25: $13 each
* CARDS 26-50: $14 each
* CARD 51 and BEYOND: $15 each

If your card is approved and published, payment goes into your account, and at the end of a month you have $100 or more in your account, payment is made about the 15th of the following month by direct deposit.

If your card is not approved, you will have the opportunity to edit and resubmit it.

Visit the Organized Wisdom Site and read about this work at home opportunity, check out wisdom cards to see what is required, read the FAQs, and look at the all the health topics covered.

Good luck!

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