October 29, 2007

Direct Sales....Great article to Read

Here is an article with some great advice for anyone thinking about signing up with a direct sales company. Enjoy!

It's all about heart!
By: Little Debbie

You want to work from home and think direct sales is a good option, and you are right! Where else can you start a business for $10 to $500, and earn $25 to $200 per hour outside the home?

You look at a list of direct sales options and see soo many! How do you know how to narrow it down? The answer is easy! Start with what you love.

If you don't wear makeup, how well do you think you will do putting it on others? If you detest the kitchen, how well will you do with cooking supplies? If you don't like to burn candles, who cares if others do. That business is not for you.

So look at what you DO love! There are soo many options out there! Here are some ideas:

-Giving makeovers
-Burning candles
-Playing with your kids
-Health and wellness
-Putting together memory books
-Stuffing animals

This is a short list. Sit down and write down what you love. Then begin looking.

Remember, when you love what you do, it's easy to share! The product is essential to making money. You need to believe in your product! You believe by being a customer and having fun in what you do.

When you are having fun, others not only want to buy from you, they will want to join you.

Here is to following your heart to the best business for you!

Article by:

Debbie LaCroix is a Passion Success Coach. She believes that loving what you do is the first step to success. She has worked in direct sales for almost 6 years and learned from experience that when you love what you do, success will follow. For more information about Debbie, visit www.passiontosuccess.com

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