October 13, 2007

Halloween Costumes...... and The Worm!

Well, my kids wanted to decorate for halloween today. So, instead of writing my goals for next week, I hung up cobwebs and skeletons. Way more fun than writing goals, that's for sure! I only wrote one article for AC, but hey, I did get some cute bats and goblins strung around my front door! My daughter and my son are sooo excited for halloween. We have yet to get costumes, but my 3yr.old informed me last night thhat he no longer wants to be Superman, or as he says "Supermon". Now he wants to be a ...WORM! ack! Where he came up with that I do not know! I am still laughing about it today. I am also hoping he might change his mind again because I don't think I can buy a worm costume anywhere, and I don't know how to make one! My 10 year old wants to be a pirate girl. Eh, pretty cool! My almost 1 yr old (my halloween baby) could care less. Hehe...but he will be costumed out, my daughter will have it no other way, nor would I. I had wanted batman and robin for the boys, but now with the "worm" thing, who knows?
So, I'm off to look up halloween costumes online and see if I can come up with something to entice my little one with and change his mind about being a worm, lol!

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