October 7, 2007

Ladypens and Writing

If you are looking for content for your blogs or ideas for writing, visit www.Ladypens.com. This is a site where you can submit your articles for other women to read and use. If someone does want to reprint your article, they must include your resource box with the article. This gives your name, and clickable links to your sites. It is a great way to get free advertising. It may sound strange at first, but it gets your name and links on blogs and websites all over the net, which can bring traffic to your sites. Check out the site. It is intended as a place that women can suport other women on the Internet.

So, today I did GPT clicking and I wrote several articles for Associated Content. I did some reading on blogging and adsense and traffic. I did too much reading, lol, and worked less than I should have as a result! Eh! Anyway, I also spent time playing with my babies ( my 10 year old would glare at me right now if she read this!), and doing some cooking. Family time is good time! Tonight, I am off to my two Sunday Musts: Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters!! But, before I do, I am taking a moment to do some goal setting for myself (ack! Do not want to, but I will)

Here goes. Last week I did not do great with my goals. I only managed to get my dreary old body out of bed by 5:30 twice. Hrumph. I will keep pushing myself this week...I really will!
I did not write as many articles as I wanted to. Now, if I had gotten up at 5:30 every morning, I would have done better with my writing goal. Oh well. Sleep is just so good.....especially after my 3 yr.old sleeps in my bed and plays "kick mommy's stomach and back" all night long. But I know the day will come where I will dearly miss those little cold feet in my back at 2 AM. Sleeping late due to little cold feet..worth it!
I did get some reviews done at Shared Reviews, so I am getting near to my goal of $100 from that site for October. Yeah! I will be doing at least 3-4 more reviews this week.
I will continue doing my clicking on my GPT sites each night.
I will submit an entry to a blog carnival this week...I did NOT do this last week. Missed goal.
And I am going to research and post about new potential work at home opportunities this week.

So that is it for me tonight. Sleep well all...see you in the AM!!

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