October 4, 2007

More Review Sites That Pay

Since joining Shared Reviews, I have spent some time checking out more sites that will pay you for your reviews. I don't expect any "Paid To Review" site will make any of us rich, but they sure could come in handy for some extra Christmas money ( which is heavy on my mind these days...though we've yet to make it to Halloween!). I have two so far that seem interesting, and thought I'd pass them on here for anyone who is ineterested and wants to check them out.

Squidoo. If you do not know of this site ( I, for example, did not before yesterday, but after checking out the site realized that thousands of people do!), this is a site where you can create a page about some subject that you happen to know something about. Your page is called a "lens". You publish it on the Squidoo site, and you earn money when your "lens"makes money from the advertising placed on it. You can make as many pages/lenses as you want. And you can make them on any topic you want and know something about. This is a good site to check out. Read some of the lens and get a feeling about what you might want to write a page about. But be warned, I spent tooo much time on this site yesterday reading and reading! I did not join yet, but probably will...just need to find some time to do it!

Moms Product Reviews I did not get to research this site too much yet, but what I read about it seems simple and straight forward enough. You submit a review on a product you have used, and if your review gets chosen, you will get $5.00. The site states that payment is through PayPal, and if your review is published, you should have your payment within 7 days. But check it out for yourself, as always, before making a decision to join or not. Sounds good, and I will be going back to the site and checking it out some more myself.

Review away!!

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