October 6, 2007

West At Home...Reviews??

Well, I haven't found too much about West At Home as far as reviews go. But from what I have picked up here and there, it does seem very legitimate. As far as I can tell, if you apply and are accepted, there are no costs involved. My best advice is to check it out yourself, and ask the company directly whatever questions you may have. Sounds ok, but best to do your homework.

Saturday...time for writing and more writing today. I did not do much writing for AC this past week, and I really need to refocus today and get some articles in. I also need to get a few more reviews in at Shared Reviews this weekend. I feel behind on everything...ugh! Christmas is fast approaching, so I want to really bring in some Christmas money....lots to buy as always! I will be posting a bit later with my goals for the coming week....Happy Saturday!

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