November 1, 2007

Make-Over's For Mommies Working At Home

My day consists of Coffee,feeding kids, coffee, computer during "Blues
Clues", coffee, diapers, computer/holding kids, coffee, chasing fast
crawling baby/yelling at ambitious 3 yr.old climbing up walls ( yea..he
stacks things and climbs up to reach the highest shelves where he is
sure I have hidden wondrous!)coffee, and so on. Brushing
my hair does not even occur to me until a: I need to go to the store or
some other outside real life place, or b: someone knocks at my door!
So, this morning when I read Tammy's
post about a site where you can do a virtual makeover, I thought that
sounded like fun! I am going to try and do this later. I would love to
see me again with make-up and a cute hairdo!! Maybe I can print out a
copy of my make-over and just hold it up when someone knocks at my
door,lol! check out Tammy's blog, and give yourself a virtual make-over too!!

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