November 5, 2007

Why I like Being A Mommy (RemindersFor Those Days When I Want To Run Away)

I felt my baby moving inside me. Kicking, stretching, hiccupping, and even sleeping. No one else did.

No one else looks at me with as much adoration as my three year old does when I first open my tired eyes in the morning.

No one stretches out their arms to me with such love and hope as my sweet baby when he is standing in his crib every morning and I stumble bleary-eyed with hair and teeth unbrushed into his room.

Who else but my daughter can absolutely hate me one minute, and throw her arms around my neck the next minute professing undying love before she ventures out to school?

My baby and my 3 yr old don't care if I clean the house. Actually, the messier, the better!

My baby and my three year old don't care if I put on makeup or walk around all day like a character out of "Night of The Living Dead". Just as long as I'm there. Period.

I like being a mommy on Mother's Day because my children beam with smiles and bright eyes as they anticipate my immeasurable joy and glee at the wondrous handmade gifts they will soon bestow upon me. Little do they know that those smiles are my greatest gifts.

I like being a mommy because I get to say "Mommy says so, that's why!" and all is quiet. For 3-5 minutes, anyway.

I like being a mommy because when I do put on makeup and wear anything besides my dreary old robe, I get looks that tell me I am as beautiful as ANY woman, EVER, ANYWHERE, on the face of the earth! (Why can't my husband look at me that way?)

Being mommy gets me points when I make cupcakes for class parties. My daughter is proud to claim me as her mom, at least until the cupcakes are gone.

I like being mommy when my son comes to me in the middle of the night after awakening from a nightmare, and my arms are the only arms he wants to comfort him.

I like being a mommy when my baby looks sleepily into my eyes and I can feel tears run down my cheeks at this beautiful little angel in my arms, asleep now, a gift I don't deserve but treasure.

I like being a mommy when strangers think MY children are sooo adorable and cute and POLITE! YES!!

I like being a mommy when one of my children draws a grimace from a stranger for some behavior that I can hardly contain my laughter about. I
like being a mommy and smelling my sweet smelling bubble bath kids after a long fun bath time.

I like being a mommy when my baby offers me a slurp of his beloved pacifier.

I like being a mommy when my three year old offers me his treasured teddy bear to hold when I don't feel well.

I like being a mommy when my daughter wants MY opinion on an outfit she is wearing. I really like being a mommy when my daughter gives ME a compliment on an outfit I am wearing!

I like being a mommy when the barber asked my little boy if he had a girlfriend, and with a very serious face, my son replied, " yes, my mommy."

I like being a mommy because there is no other love in the world stronger than the love I feel for my children. Nothing can take my breath away, or make me feel stirrings so deep in my soul as their faces can. I LOVE being my children's mommy.

Thought I'd share an article I wrote a few months ago for Associated Content. Hope You Enjoyed it!

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