December 11, 2007

My Yoga Update

It has been 16 days since I started my yoga routine. So, how have I been doing with it? Not as well as I'd like unfortunately! To be honest, ahem, I have sloughed off the past week completely. I started off strong...and got myself up and "yogaing" every morning for the first few mornings. And it felt great! I stretched and stretched and felt really good. So...what was the problem? I would get too sleepy in the morning and stayed in bed. "A few more minutes" ended up being right up until I had to get my kids up in order to take my daughter to school. Funny how easy it is to forget about things that you promise yourself you would remember to do because it is FOR YOU...a good and healthy thing for YOU!

Anyway, I am going to start again tomorrow morning. Really. If I make this commitment a second time on my blog, hopefully I will be too embarassed to not follow through again, and I will stay true to my goal!

We shall see.

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