January 15, 2008

Blogging Work At Home Opportunity

This work at home opportunity sounds pretty good! It was listed today, so if it interests you, you may want to apply soon. The California Small Business Association wants bloggers that have a passion for technology and small business.

This is from their listing:

"We want to help small business owners become more comfortable with technology by viewing it through the filter of a unique human perspective. Our blog is not for people already proficient in technology but for small business owners who are forced to be their own part-time IT manager. Other parts of the site will help them gain the technical knowledge they need or to find professional help quickly. What we want the blog to do is put it all together — not only inform our users, but entertain and provoke them, help them get in touch with their inner nerd. We want this to be the Car Talk of technology blogs.

Your samples don’t need to be published, since we believe that you could come from either the world of writing or the world of technology. We’ll be rating your samples by the following criteria:
• passion for small businesses
• passion for technology
• breadth of knowledge about small businesses
• depth of knowledge about small businesses
• breadth of knowledge about technology
• d'epth of knowledge about technology
• the ability to write about technical subjects for general audiences
• an understanding of what blogs are good for and what they’re not good for
• a sense of humor
• clear, professional, journalistic writing style

Compensation will be $75 per post, with a maximum of 10 posts per month."

To apply, send a letter and samples to writer at csba.com.

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