February 4, 2008

Content Idea For Work at Home Blogs/Websites

If you have a blog, or blogs, and want to add some fun content, you could try putting polls or surveys on your site. An interesting poll, maybe about a really popular news item at the moment, say "Britney Spears", could be fun and maybe bring some extra traffic your way.

So, as you can tell, I decided to try putting a poll on this blog, lol! It was soooo easy and fast, and actually kind of fun! I used the website, E-poll, and it took about 2 minutes tops to have my account set up and a poll ready to go! They also offer a large selection of patterns and colors for free polls. You can coose which sort of polls you want--- a yes or no poll and a multiple-choice poll. Now, granted, this poll has nothing to do about working from home, but I thought it might be interesting anyway.

I am already thinking of different polls and surveys to do----if you have any suggsetions for me, I'd love to hear them!

Don't forget to vote!

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