February 27, 2008

Don't Forget To Go To The Dentist!

This is actually a pretty funny article I read this morning. Made my teeth hurt for some reason (!) after reading it, and made me think twice about skipping my next dental appointment.

Apparently there is a neighborhood in the UK that has residents needing to take outHomeowner Loans on their homes in order to cover their dental bills. It's strange but true. Residents of the community of Derry who are need of dental treatment are having to go to private dentists due to a lack of NHS ( National Health Services)services), leading them to seek loans to pay for their treatment, according to the Derry Journal.

Apparently in Derry, people that haven't been to the dentist in a very long time, are finding out the price they will have to pay for missing those dental appointments....they now willhave to go to a private dentist, and pay out of their pocket for dental work done.

According to the local newspaper report, people of Derry are in distress about this and they have found themselves having to take out home loans to pay for their dental treatments.

Now, the article doesn't say how long it's been, in general, that the people have not been to the dentist, nor if there is a time requirement between dental visits, but it sure seems like there is some sort of restriction. Something along the lines of 'use it (dental coverage) or lose it'.

And, the article only refers to the one town of Derry facing this problem Hmmm....I wonder if the Derry folk all share the same fear of the dentist as me?

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