February 27, 2008

Fun Game For A Mom's Night Out Party

So, this has nothing to do really with working at home, but it's sounds like such a fun idea that I thought I'd pass it on.

Gather some of your great mom friends together for a mom's night out at your home.

Have each mom bring a snack, entree, drink, dessert...whatever you decide.

Now, also instruct each mom to bring 5 items (in good condition) from their home/closets. Ideas could be clothing, books, cd's, dvd's, games, candles, knick knacks, etc. You get the picture.

At the party, everyone puts their treasured (wink) items on a table.

Now, decide on how each mom will take her turn. Roll dice and get a certain number is always an easy way to go about taking turns.

When a mom gets the right roll of the dice, it's her turn to pick any item she wants from the table. If she prefers, she can "take away" an item another mom may have already selected. That mom would then select another item from the table.

When all the items are chosen, you can continue the game by having "trading time". Basically a mom that feels she wants to trade away her item that she ended up with, can roll the dice. Again, if she gets the magic number, she may trade her item for another item. Set up time lmits, or use a kitchen timer for this part of the game. You can also limit the number of times an item is traded to three. If sme particular item is a favorite and gets traded a couple of times, the third person to end up with it keeps it.

It's really just a version of a common game played a lot at Christmas time, but I thought the idea of moms getting together, having fun, and cleaning out a little unused clutter from their closets sounded like fun. Plus, you just never know what an expected treasure you might come home with!

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