February 29, 2008

Score Essays From Home

So this is not blogging, not telemarketing, or anything phone related! Nice change here.

This listing is for online scoring of scoring essays on-line for college entrance exam essays, K-9 writing, reading and math responses. You would be working for Pearson, a company that helps administrators, teachers, parents and students use assessment and research to promote learning and academic achievement.

Scorers can make $13/hr or more based on a combination of performance indicators, including quality and rate.

Applcants should have:

A Bachelor's Degree or higher,

U. S. citizenship, resident alien status or authorized to work in the U.S.

U.S. residency

Ability to score student responses from home or office locations with the necessary computer, Internet provider, and telephone connection. For security reasons, readers may not use shared office computers or work from institutional computer labs.

Windows-based personal computer: Vista, XP, 2000, 98

Some teaching experience may be required for some programs.

This work from home opportunity was listed toay at The Rat Race Rebellion

and to read the complete listing and apply directly online, click here,
and good luck!

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