March 12, 2008

Work At Home As An Artist For Greeting Cards

Wow-- there appears be a theme going on here today, and it's all about greeting cards! This is for those with an "inner" artist that want to freelance from home. Check out the website, Oatmeal Studios. . They are publishers of humorous greeting cards for everyday occasions, and they are looking for artists.

Oatmeal's Artist Guidelines ( From their website):

"We are looking for fresh and fun-looking artwork in any media and style. Also, sophisticated, funky cartoony-type art (people and/or animals) with or without words. Color work is best, but we will look at black and white. Overall, we're looking for exciting, innovative, clever, humorous, fun, and most important, original designs and ideas."

Payment is negotiated with each artist on an individual basis.

It is a cute website, and even if you do not have an inner artist, you might want to check out the cute cards offered by Oatmeal!

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