March 18, 2008

Blogging From Home For Content Quake

Content Quake is a network of bloggers that blog about all kinds of things. Bloggers can blog about their favorite interest ( i.e. American Idol anyone?), and get all the benefits that come with blogging within an established community. Content Quake takes care of all the setting up issues of blogging, and provides a platform to gain more readers quickly than setting up a blog individually.

Bloggers get paid on a per post basis with Content Quake. And they are offering a variety of interests for bloggers to choose from, check out the list:

Video Gaming

American Idol Blogger


Home & Garden

Kitchen Craft


Career Search

Technology Writers

Data Recovery Seeks Writer

Cell Phones Zone Seeks Writer

IPhone Blog Seeks Writer

Digital Cameras Blog Seeks Writer

Gadget, Mac, and linux technology blogs.


Celebrity Couples blog

High School Musical blog seeks writer.

TV & Reality TV

Reality Cooking blog

Survivor blog

Digital Music Blog

Single Parent Blog

Health & Fitness Blogs

Content Quake is also looking to start dynamic blogs in the following areas: men’s health, women’s health, natural health/foods/cures, and fitness.

Anything interest you and makes you want to blog away? Head over to Content Quake and check out their site, and apply for one of the blogging niches!

Have fun and good luck! Please note that the adorable assistant pictured above is not provided through this position--- all bloggers need to hire their own assistants!

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