March 2, 2008

FREEPEATS.......Baby, Kids, and Maternity Items For Free

Here is another great site you might want to check out and bookmark! It's called Freepeats, and it is a place to find gently used baby, kids, and maternity items for free. And a way to pass on items to others you may no longer need, and are cluttering up your garage.

You need to check and see if your city has a Freepeat Forum up. Right now there are Freepeat forums in New York City, Atlanta, DC, Philly, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Detroit, and they plan to open Freepeats forums in up to three dozen other cities during 2008. So if you don't see your area yet, just keep checking back.

And if you find an item on Freepeats, like a baby swing, and you want to check on any recalls for that item, here is a link you can go to,

Take a look at the Freepeats website, and have fun checking out all the great stuff that's listed.

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