March 31, 2008

Love Advice by Freelance Writer

A new website is looking for a freelance writer to write about love and romance.

This position requires 2 hours a day, 5 days a week and you can do your writing from home.

Pay is $15 hour.

So if you are brimming with advice, tips, and stories all about love, you may like this opp.

You need to email " no more than 100 words -- your response to the following question:

"There's a guy I like at work, and I think he might like me, although he already has a girlfriend. We're friends, and I think we flirt a bit (I know I do), but I'm wondering how I might take it to the next level. Any suggestions??"

This is a Craig's List posting, and it is not researched, so do take due diligence in following up on the position.

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