March 16, 2008

Mommies United!

Mommies United is a great new blog started by four women that each already publish their own individual blogs. There is Kristin, a full time mom to her daughter Kai, and is a full time student, Amanda, a mommy that has her own online store that has some really cute stuff, Christine, a mommy to six kiddos, and Shanda, who authors eight blogs.

Mommies United
is having a launch party now through March 31st, with lots of fun, games, and prizes! And what mommy doesn't love a party? I am excited to join in the party, and I must say I have my eye on a couple of prizes....the $35 Gift Certificate offered by Alli's Originals, and the free blog design by SweetnSimple!

Come check out the party, and enjoy all the great information, resources, tips, and interesting thoughts and advice these great mommies offer!

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