March 20, 2008

Tea Time

I love spring because we have these 'perfect' kinds of days that have a hint of a breeze, just the right weather, and no bees and other pesty bugs buzzing around my backyard just yet! And what does this have to do with tea time, you ask?
I'm getting there.

So this morning I gave in to my daughter's request for a day off school. Guess she caught me on just the right morning because normally I would have said no right away. But I guess everyone, even kids, need a personal day once in a while..."just because."

After breakfast we all headed out the door for a good old walk. "We" would be: me, my 10 yr. old daughter, 3 1/2 yr. old son, and 16 month old son. We took one of our 4-legged family members ( we have 6), and off we went. On a side note, this is my second morning in a row going on a walk! I'm excited because I am totally committed to exercising regularly everyday now, and I feel so good after our walks!

When we got home, I made breakfast for everyone, did the dishwasher, and settled down to do some computer work. I figured my kids would be tired enough from our walk that they would relax, play around, watch tv, etc., and let mom have some quality work time. I thought wrong.

We all ended up in the backyard, getting outside toys that were put away (stacked in a corner is what I mean by 'put away'!), and washing of the debris and cobwebs. Of course, washing toys with the hose inevitably leads to water play with kids, and the next half or so was spent with the kids getting soaked!

I admit a couple of times I glanced anxiously through the screen door at my laptop sitting on the kitchen counter, but soon enough the kids squealing, the perfect breezy weather, and the warm sun reminded me that the computer will wait. My kids won't. Each day they grow and change, and need me just a tiny bit less. And isn't this exactly why I decided to be a sahm and 'wannabe wahm' to begin with?

And now comes the Tea part. I made myself a cup of tea, and sat down under the big patio umbrella, and RELAXED. I watched my kids, sipped my tea, and wondered to myself why I always feel like I am in a race. Trying to "beat the clock" is my usual attitude every day as I hurry from one task to the next. But today, sipping my tea, and watching my kids play and splash and fight and laugh with each other made me so aware that I need to slow down the pace, for all our sakes. It is getting increasingly rare these days to see all three kiddos playing together. Usually my two little guys are busy annoying the heck out of their older sister and she in turn will be demanding what we ( her not-so-smart parents) were thinking of to have ever had these little boys in the first place.

But there was none of that today. Just three siblings loving each other and getting a kick playing together. And as I sipped my tea one word kept popping in my head- 'joy'. This moment, and all things considered, it is a brief moment to be sure, was simply put, joy.

And so, I made myself a second cup of tea! "Tea Time" today was a very good thing, indeed!

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