March 23, 2008

Web Hosting, Design Templates, and Decisions

Happy Easter! I think I am on a jelly bean high, lol, as I sit here typing. We had a very fun morning, and I hope everyone else did as well!

I found a great site that has some pretty cool Blogger templates the wonderful designer, Kaushal Sheth, is sharing for free with anyone that wants to use one for their site. I am considering switching my blog's format, so I was pretty happy to find these templates.

But in looking through this site I came across his Wordpress templates, and I really like a couple of them, so much so that I am considering switching to Wordpress! It has just been so easy and comfortable here on Blogger that I have been reluctant to make the change even though many people have told me I should.

To switch to Wordpress means that I would need to find a good host for my blog. This is an area I am really unfamiliar with, so I guess I have some 'homework' to do. Luckily there is a list of web hosting sites on Kaushal's blog, and since he has researched them himself and can honestly recommend them, I'm going to check those sites first.

So, I have decisions to make, lol. My brain tells me to make the move, and heed the advice of so many. But another little voice tells me I am happy and comfy here on Blogger, so why mess with something that works for me?

Ack. Decisions. Any advice?

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