April 16, 2008

ASI Health Care Work at Home Careers

This is a simple way to potentially earn some extra cash each month. While not guaranteed, it certainly will be easy enough to give it a try, and really involves very little work from you.

What you do is keep a supply of "PAL Cards" with you wherever you go. Pass them along wherever and whenever you want. The cards explain the health care programs offered by ASI, and provides a number for more information.

Should anyone you give a card to call and enroll in ASI health Care Program, you will receive $50.00. That's it. So you could make some fun money every month with very little effort on your part.

ASI also offers websites for $7.95, if you want to have one. But it is 100% optional. Just depends on you.

Check out this and other work at home opportunities with ASI.

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