April 4, 2008

DSL, Cable, Satellite, DialUp...Oh My!

If you are starting a home business or getting ready to work at home in the telecommuting field, chances are you are pretty familiar already with Internet Service Providers and such.
But for those who may still be a bit daunted by all the choices available today for Internet Access and Providers, there is a great site that provides all the information needed to help you make a decision when it comes to the type of Internet Access that is best for you. They also provide comparisons for the different companies that offer Internet Access, to help you with your decision.
They also offer information and providers for VOIP Phone Service, which is often required in a telecommuting position where customer service is key. Voice Over IP is a way to route telephone calls over the Internet, which makes it much less expensive. You can learn all about using setting up a VOIP Phone Service, what is needed, and companies that provide the service. Very helpful stuff!
There are many articles offering suggestions and tips for all aspects of being on the Internet such as ways to speed up your connection and tips for avoiding online scams, but one of the most helpful articles I read on there was about how to protect your email from spam. This has become quite a problem for me recently, so I read this article eagerly to find ways to combat the irksome spam that appears in my email so much!
So even if you want to know something like how to get a broadband ISP even in the middle of nowhere, this site can probably help you!

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