April 14, 2008

Spanish Translation Working From Home Opportunity

This might be a nice way to earn an income from home if you are fluent in Spanish.

What you would be doing is writing sentences for an online website. 110 sentences are needed each session, and each session will take about 60 minutes. You may do as many sessions as you like, just be sure that each sentence you write is a new fresh sentence. It will be best if you are able to set your keyboard to easily use Spanish accents and punctuation. Payment is $20 for each session you do.

The site is intended to help clients develop speech recognition systems that will allow future Spanish users to simply speak their text messages instead of having to type them out.

The website is www.smsprueba.com. Simply go there to begin. But please know that the website is written all in Spanish, so you really do need to be fluent in Spanish just to get started!

Speed of Sound is a PROUD member of the Colorado BBB and has been helping researchers develop speech recognition tools since 2001. You can check out the company here, and read more about the translation services they offer. You can also find their email address on their home page, and if you have any questions regarding their Spanish translation opportunity, just send them an email.

Good Luck!

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