April 7, 2008

When Mommy Works Bad Things Can Happen

Working on the computer can be hazardous to inanimate objects around our house. When mommy is distracted researching on the web, little boys take full advantage! I thought my two little guys were happily watching their Tigger movie, when I realized their giggles were not coming from the family room. Nope, those distinctive little laughs were coming from the upstairs bathroom. So up the stairs I went and sure enough...two little faces were staring intently into the toilet bowl. All kinds of thoughts went through my head....was some valuable wonderful object flushed away forever, or was something I cherished submerged in the water, ruined?
It was the latter, sort of. It was ruined, but it was not some cherished object close to my heart. It was an alarm clock. And I had a hard time not laughing with relief and with amusement at the contrite looks my boys gave me when they realized mom was standing right behind them!
So I have been online tonight looking for a new alarm clock. I came across some I liked at this one site for clocks , but of course I looked at more than just their alarm clocks, and I found a really cool wall clock that would be great for the bar we have in our family room! It is a Guiness clock with a magnetic dartboard on it, and I know my hubby would love it for his bar...so I think I may have just found a Father's Day present kind of by odd luck tonight!
So it could have been worse, that's for sure! I feel bad for the helpless alarm clock, but at least something good came out of it. And now I have one more funny little story to share with my boys one day when they are grown up. But I think I will move all my truly cherished objects to higher safer grounds first thing tomorrow morning!

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