May 4, 2008

The Kids ...The Chores

My daughter actually likes doing chores because she earns money. The problem is that I am disorganized and it rubs off on her. And then there are the times that I should let her do a chore, but I'll end up doing it because I can do it faster and get it doen (i.e. loading the dishwasher) the way I like it done.

But this is not such a good thing..doing the chores myself and not having any consistency. Then I'll mumble and grumble later about doing everything myself ( yea...I will grumble allright!). So I have decided that I will attempt to get some organization going in our house, and to let others help out and be greatful even if something gets done not in the way I would have done it, kwim?

I found a free printable chore chart that will work great. I am going to print it out for my daughter this evening ( the kitty one), and together we are going to sit down and fill it out. I am optimistic this will help us both out.
She will finally have some consistency and can earn her money and be responsible, and I can learn to stop trying to do everything myself, and be greatful to have some help with the chores around here, lol.

I am thinking of printing one out for my almost 4 year old as well...he automatically wants everything his sister has anyway. Then we can put some simple chores on there for him and get some stickers to reward each chore that he does. Hopefully this will get him started on being helpful around the house. Don't you think his future wife will thank-me for this early training?? LOL.

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