June 9, 2008

Forex Trading.

I have never bought or sold stocks, let alone ever thought about trying Forex Trading. So lately my hubby has been talking with a friend of his that is very into Forex trading, and so now he feels he wants to give it a try.

He has found a great site with tons of information on how to learn to trade forex, but I have told him that I do not have time to learn about Forex trading, nor am I really sure I want to...yikes!

While I would love to find another source of creating income from home, stocks, trading, currency, etc..makes me more than a little nervous.

So we have compromised. My hubby will first research and learn all the basics of Forex Trading, which I know is vital, and then he will explain it to me. Then we will decide together if we will pursue it or not.

Good compromise...but I'm still nervous.

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