June 9, 2008

The Neighborhood Flood

Well, actually it was just one neighbor that had the flood, and it was caused by a faulty refrigerator, not bad weather!

But what a mess. Last week while my neighbors across the street were away, their refrigerator had a breakdown... a major breakdown!

My neighbors and their little boy came home to water all over their kitchen floor and living room. Who knew that a refrigerator could cause so much
Water damage ? Seriously, the carpet was soaked ( as it turns out, they have opted to get new carpeting rather than try and salvage the damaged carpet), and some furniture was even damaged.

So I learned about water damage restoration which was something I never gave much thought to before.

Luckily my neighbors had good insurance and a valid warranty for the refrigerator. So now that everything is back to normal, they are just fine with their new carpeting and brand new refrigerator!

But just the same, I am going to keep an eye on my refrigerator!

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