June 12, 2008

Public Opinion Research, Inc. Looking For Telephone Interviewers

Public Opinion Research, Inc. has been specializing in survey research for over 30 years. Since 1976, Public Opinion Research, Inc., has been providing survey and market research to over 300 corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, public officials and professional associations. The company conducts public attitude surveys; focus groups; demographic studies and market research for development projects, publications, business groups, banks, communities and country clubs.

They are hiring telephone interviewers who's primary job will be doing direct research by calling individuals and asking them to participate in a telephone survey. Interviewers will then read them the questions and fill in their responses on-line through our website. The list of people to be called, as well the questionnaire will all be handled through the Public Opinion Research site.

This is a work from home position. Telephone Interviewers work on a contract basis, which means you'll be paid for each interview you complete. The rate per interview varies depending upon the length of the survey. For example, some projects might pay $5 per completed interview, and Interviewers should be able to do 3 to 4 of these per hour. Longer surveys may pay 6,7, or 8 dollars, but only 2 to 3 would be completed in an hour.

To learn more about Public Opinion Research, Inc., and about their Telephone Interviewer Position, visit the website. You can fill out an application online, and
there is an 800 number you can call to get more information as well.

Good Luck!

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