July 18, 2008

A Mom's Home Based Business Inspiration

This home based business really just awes the heck out of me! It's one of those "Why didn't I think of That?" ideas that is so great and has so much potential.

This home business was created by Karen Lefebvre-Christou who fell in love with a drawing her then three year old son drew of a cat. So for a friend's toddler's birthday, Karen hurriedly made a real stuffed version of her own son's creative drawing of "Scooby, the cat". Karen says it "was a quirky cute gift but was hard to give away!"

In the spring of 2006, The parents at the preschool where Karen's son went wanted to give the teachers a unique memorable end of year present. Just by having the kids all draw their own versions of creatures, Karen was able to bring all those drawings to life, and the parents were able to give the preschool teachers a basket full of "artlings" from the children’s drawings, and the response was overwhelming! The children could not believe their eyes when they saw their art ALIVE, and many parents urged Karen to turn her hobby into a business…Thus the artling was born…

How many times have your kids drawn cute or even scary looking creations and proudly presented them to you? My 4 year old is currently into drawing dinosaurs. Each day he is showing me his latest attempts, and I love each and every one of them. I would love to have one of his drawings made into a stuffed animal creation! These could even make great Christmas presents for grandparents, don't you think?

Karen has a website, Myart2life.com, and when you visit, she explains how you can have one of your child's drawings made into an 'artling.'

And Karen is also working on combining her 'artlings' with hospitals and foundations to bring children that are in the hospital a real life cuddly version of creatures they have drawn.

Visit Karen's website, and check out the wonderful 'artlings' she has made from children's creative drawings.

I am curious if any other mommies or grandmothers out there have already done this--created a stuffed animal based on their child's drawings? I am really thinking to myself how I could have never thought of doing this??? Ack.

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