September 17, 2008

Career Choices That Can Lead To Six-Figure Salaries

So maybe you are thinking of a career outside the home after your kids are older, or maybe you are thinking of a career change with a part time work from home job as a supplement. Or maybe you have kids that are now starting to think about their career choices as college looms closer. Whatever the reason, if a career outside of the home is something that interests you, I suggest taking a look at this article on Yahoo today.

The article lists career choices that offer the best potential of reaching strong earnings after several years of on-the-job experience and/or advanced college degree work.

While I am not too surprised at careers such as Computer Software Engineers and Marketing Managers being on this list, others such as Dental Hygenist certainly did surprise me. Other careers listed as the best for attaining a hefty paycheck include Human Resource Managers, Medical and Health Service Managers, and Actuaries.

Take a look at the complete article on careers that can lead to six figure salaries, and see what you think..maybe a career change will be in your future!

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