September 17, 2008

Work At Home as a Home Design Blogger

I rearrange my furniture constantly....I am not joking when I tell you I must change the look of my living room a couple of times a month! I seriously could use the help of an interior designer, and of course lots of extra moola! But since neither is expected in the near future, I will have to make do with my own ideas and surfing sites like Home Design Find. So how cool that today I come across an opportunity for home designer/do-it-yourselfers to write for Home Design Find. I have reason to doubt my own creativity when it comes to home design and decorating (!), but if you are proud of your abilities to spot trends and design rooms, then this might interest you.

Basically Home Design needs freelance writers to post entries about the new products based on requests that will be coming in during the day via email.
Post length between 100-200 words (normal) & up to 300 words (how-to). You should have the following skills if you apply:

Authority while writing
Solid writing ability (excellent grammar, spelling, mechanics)
Photoshop or image editing application
Home/interior design understanding or interests
Product Presentation skills (being able to describe products in a way that make people want it, while being fun and creative)

If interested in applying as a work at home design blogger for Home Design Find, send an email to with the following (no attachments). Please include 'HDF Blogger' in the subject header:
1) Resume
2) Your name, where you live, and why your are interested in home design)
3. Three sample posts with images
a. Product review
b. How to/tips article (Lifehacker style)
c. Article of your choice (top 10, tutorial, ideas)

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