September 22, 2008

Work At Home Reviewing Websites

I have posted about this site,, before, but am mentioning it again as this could maybe be a resource for earning some extra Christmas shopping is just around the corner after all!

This is not a source to earn a steady income, but could be a fun andeasy way to make an extra $50 or so every couple of weeks.

Just go to, and fill out the short application online. You will then preview a sample website and give your personal feedback using the software that you download from usertesting

When website owners request a review of their site, you will be invited to do a review if your demographic profile matches their target audience. The review takes approximately 20 minutes, you will answer 4 questions, and be paid $10.00 via paypal.

That's it--pretty simple. You just need to be aware that some weeks you could get several review offers, while some weeks you may get none. Just a resource to sign up for and check out during the day to see if any reviews are available to you and make some extra money at home.

So if this sounds interesting, go check it out and get signed up! Good Luck!

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