October 21, 2008

Calling All Brides!!

Well, not really, just teasing! But this is an opportunity for someone who is very into weddings and such. A Wedding website is paying $10/per article (no word requirement posted, just says "short articles") on wedding topics, with opportunities for raises.

They are looking for witty eye catching articles, somewhat like you might read in Cosmo. They ask for you to submit a resume and a sample of your writing in an article of less than 600 words on this season's hottest wedding gowns.

It is noted that they will be reviewing applications immediately and you could be working tomorrow.

Email to : job-887179844@craigslist.org

One last note--this is an unresearched Craig's List posting--so please do use due diligence.

Good Luck!

p.s. I have had some wonderful readers returning with feedback from jobs they have applied for--and would love to get feedback on this one if anyone applies! It is really good to hear first hand reports on opportunities--I think it can help all of us!

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