October 13, 2008

Get Paid To Write Posts On a Beverage Approvals Blog

So I know this title sounds weird, but really this work at home opportunity sounds just fine, LOL.

Basically this is a blogging opportunity with a blog that follows government approvals of beverages, namely beer, wine and spirits. The blog is run by a law firm near Washington, D.C. that has specialized in beer, wine and spirits issues for about 20 years. The government approves about 300 new products per day, and those approvals are listed on a website. This database is user-friendly, powerful and intuitive. Bloggers are needed to search through this database, find the hundreds of “cool” approvals among the thousands, and explain why they are cool.

Bloggers will get paid $25.00 per accepted post. There is no limit to posts you can submit, but only the accepted posts that will be paid. There is also a referral program where if you refer others and they in turn get three submitted and approved posts, you will be paid $50.

Interested? check out the complete details here on this work at home opportunity.

Good Luck!

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