October 24, 2008

Want To Write a Children's Book?

Look what I came across today while visiting Mommy Cracked. Mandy has a post on her blog today highlighting "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Publishing a Children's Book".

Mandy's post caught my eye because, I must confess, I am a wannabe writer of children's books. Note--I said 'wannabe'-- not that I am one. But maybe one day. One day when I have time to read a book, let alone write one.

But back to the book review. This is a great one for wannabe children book writers like me. It offers practical tips for navigating the children's book publishing world as well as common mistakes to avoid when trying to find a publisher. There is also an excellent chapter on self-publishing, for anyone considering that route.

Mandy gives this book high praise, saying

"If you have ever thought of giving children's book writing a try, then this book is an investment that will more than pay for itself in the long run."

Guess what book I will be geting this weekend?? Thanks for the tip Mandy!!

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