November 25, 2008

Get Paid To Blog From Home For Blog Link Tag

This is a very interesting work at home opportunity -- One that I think deserves checking out for sure.

Blog Link Tag, is looking for bloggers to get paid to write on all kinds of topics from animals, cooking, home and garden, to business. If you have expertise and passion for a certain subject, you could blog about it and earn money.

This appears to be different than many sites that pay bloggers based on readership and ad revenue. I have no personal experience (yet, anyway!), but I can tell you that their website states that pay will be at the end of each month for each blog you wrote that month.

There is an online application on the Blog Link Tag website to fill out. You will be sent a sample assignment to complete, for which you will be paid. If your assignment meets their quality standards, you will be asked how many blogs each month you can handle.

You will be paid on the basis of $20 per hour, or by the blog if you prefer, according to the website. Not quite sure of the actual specifics here, just sharing what their website states. I am sure this will not be something that will make you rich, but may provide some extra steady money each month.

So check it out if interested, and please...if you already have experience with this pay you to blog site, please share with us!!

Good Luck!

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