November 8, 2008

Make Money As a Freelance Writer For Website is a a website all about music, fashion/style, and culture in general. They post one short to mid-length feature story daily (500-650 words), on one of many topics - independent bands, singers, fashion/accessories, jewelry, new stores,restaurants, social trends, politics. The tone of their articles is a combination of stylish, sophisticated, smart and a little sarcastic.

They are looking for a couple of "great LA Writers" to do freelance article writing. Interested candidates should have a liberal-arts college degree, at least 1 year of writing experience post-college (Web or print OK), and -- most importantly-- a range of good ideas, and willingness to adhere to deadlines.

Payment is $100 per story, with 1-2 stories wanted each month.

Psychopedia's writing schedule is as follows:

"Mon. - Wed. are relatively open slots; Thurs. is a "road-test" of a restaurant, venue, store, fashion item, basically anything (either a feature story, or if you interview someone else for their road-test, it can be a q & a). And Fri. is our "My Town" - feature - a Q & A with a notable resident (often a musician or designer, but open) of virtually any city or town worldwide, about the best things they love about their hometown. All writers will be considered; but those who can come up with good Road Test or "My Town" ideas will get special consideration."

If you are interested, send 2-3 clips (links or attachments), and at least 3 ideas preferably related to L.A. to

Good Luck!

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