November 4, 2008

Make Money Online With Factoidz

If you have not heard or checked out Factoidz, you should take a look at this site. It may or may not interest you, but it sure doesn't hurt to check it out. This is one source you can easily get started with today to start making money online. The articles you would write for this site would be short, step by step kind of articles that really would not take too much time. Even with kids at home, someone could probably get a couple of articles done during naptime, and some more after bedtime.

It is free to join Factoidz, and once you do, you can start writing short "How To " articles on any subject you want. Factoidz basically will provide information, how-to guides, or advice to readers. Writers use the "Factoidz Tool" to write their articles. Onc your Factoidz is submitted, it is usually published within 24 hours. Sometimes you will be asked to make some changes before your article is published.If that is the case, you'll get an email back from an editor outlining the changes needed.

Now the money part. When you have succesfully published 3 Factoidz you are eligible to become a Factoidz VIP. Then you earn 50% of all advertising avenue generated by your articles.

That's about it! So take a look at the Factoidz website, and see what you think! Not a way to get rich, but could be a source for making money online.

Good Luck!

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