December 10, 2008

Get Paid To Write Website

First, let me say I have not tried this get paid to write website myself, yet, so I cannot give any personal recommendation or share any experience from using it. But with that said, I still thought I would share the site here for anyone that would like to check it out.

The site itself is called Get Paid Writing Articles. You simply register with the site and you can get started instantly. Unfortunately, there is not too much specific information given regarding how much you can get paid. Reading through the site, it appears that articles should be 500 words in length. There is an online template (much like Associated Content) for writing your articles, and as soon as an article is approved, you are paid through paypal.

So check out this get paid to write website, and see what you think. If you do try it, or have already used it before, please share with us what you think about it.

Thanks, and of course, Good Luck!

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