December 1, 2008

Work From Home As An Employment Verification Specialist

3 Stars Media has work at home jobs available in their Employment Screening Network. This work at home job requires a quiet workplace, A USB port headset (These may be purchased for about $20 - $30 at any Best Buy or Office Depot type stores. No phone is needed as headset plugs directly into your computer), computer with high speed internet connection, professional speaking voice and a strong work ethic.

What you would be doing is verifying information already received on the application such as name, address and e-mail. Also asking for additional information as required by the employer that may have not been on the application. For example, the amount of expected income, specific licenses or awards received, and the reason for leaving previous position. You would also provide information to the applicant as directed by the employer. Information may range from job details, to scheduling interviews, or directing the applicant to another Web site. To make offers to qualified individuals. Employment Select's model is advertising supported so part of the process is at the conclusion of the interview to ask the applicant if they would like to receive information from an advertising partner. You do not have to worry that this is a sales job--you are not selling, just asking if applicants would like information about a product or services.

All calls are inbound--which is nice. This means you are answering calls coming in to you, not you calling people.

Verification Specialists set their own hours and are paid by performance. Typically a Verification Specialist can expect to earn $18 - $25 per hour.

If you'd like more information about 3 Stars Media, and their work at home jobs, check out their website. If you decide to apply--you can do so online on their website.

Good Luck!

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