February 22, 2009

Freelance Writing Opportunities At Bright Hub

Bright Hub is looking for talented writers to join their fast growing community. They need writers that can offer guidance to help people understand how technology impacts their work, their play, their lives. Bright Hub has over 30+ technology channels.

Bright Hub is currently one of the fastest growing online science and technology websites with page views quickly approaching 1,000,000 per month. There are many channels worth looking at such as their health and wellness channel and their education channel. There are many opportunities/topics for writing about.

From the Bright Hub Website---

"Bright Hub tries to give young writers, new professionals, broke bloggers, and stay-at-home moms a chance to build their resume, grow their skills, learn Internet copywriting, gain exposure and earn long-time revenue on that content. We invest in our writers via technology, training, marketing and more to showcase writers and give writers the visibility and knowledge to help bolster online media resumes and reputations."

They pay writers $10 for each article of 300-700 words in length they contribute,in addition to future revenue sharing based on it's popularity.

Check out Bright Hub, and apply online if interested in becoming a freelance writer for them!

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