April 28, 2009

Get Paid To Find Local Deals--Freelance Writers

Groupon.com is sort of like a coupon/deal finder website that is looking for freelance writers to contribute. Each day's Groupon features a funny write-up describing the deal and the business.

Right now, Groupon is based in Chicago and Boston, but is expanding to New York in May, and other cities this summer.

You do not need to have formal writing experience-- just a sense of humor, ability to find deals, and can write succinctly, persuasively and hilariously.

Payment is based on fair market value--and will be discussed if the 'powers that be' at Groupon likes your samples.

Their instructions for applying for their freelance writing opportunities:

"Send us something (short!) that you think is really funny. It could even be less than 2 paragraphs so long as it's hilarious.

For a gold star, prepare a mock Groupon write-up for a random restaurant on Yelp. It should be a place you've never visited.

Resumes are always fine, but not necessary. Feel free to include a seriously brief statement about why you'd be a good Groupon writer. Or not.

Send any submissions to jobs@thepoint.com"

Good Luck!!

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